Simon SOMMA "culte de la légèreté"

La culture ne peut se définir par le culte du stéréotype. Pourtant c est souvent celui la mème qui véhicule l image d une culture.
Ne laissant plus a la structure sociale qui la recoit qu une terrible et incommensurable légèreté.

Caroline PURGAL "Héroine de l’ombre"

La femme japonaise subit de nombreuses pressions tant au niveau culturel que dans le milieu professionnel. Dans ce travail j’illustre
cette dualité. La femme est représentée sous les traits de la déesse Kwannon. L’assistant du seppuku attend qu’elle faillisse à son devoir.


photo: Hiro OJIMA

Hiro OJIMA " Je t'attends encore.." etc

The theme of my works is always the flow of water.Our lifes flow somewhere like water in changing his forms.
A person is only a drop of this big flow, and he cannot change the direction of this flow even if he resiste.But he can swim well in it, and can go to where he wants in floating on it.
My works are the fragments of water which are scouped off from the flow of the Univers.
I think this idea is really different from the occidental culture in which people insiste his indivisuality.This spirit of which I'd never been aware in Japan, was come when I started to send my life in Europe and it would be the reinterpretation of Japan.


photo: Saiko MAEDA

Olivia MORTIER "Quake box"

Quake Box is inspired by the « Shake table » used to test the resistance of buildings to earthquakes. The shake table will be accessible to the public who will be invited to simulate on earthquake and collapse the house.An interactive piece what is being tested is human destructive power, rather than the natural destructive force being simulated. By affering the public a chance to play the role of nature, their urge to command the power of nature is invited to expression. Whilst the public is invited to become the destructive force, they are not blind like nature : the fragility and preciousness of porcelain will be obvious. The test result will be whether or not the structure survives the exhibition. Effectively subverting on instrument designed for testing the resistance of materials into one for testing the human urge to destructive power.


photo: Saiko MAEDA


THE HEART − Kokoro Reinterpretation version -

I feel “kokoro(heart)”is one of the most important element of the Japanese tea ceremony. Kokoro is also presious for us and it is one of the main subject on my works.
The installation is composed of imaginary organs and some elements of the private tea ceremony for showing kokoro at one point.
The aim is visualizing and revealing things that we usually overlook in our daily life.

(ex, cell-project.com)

Marine FRANÇOIS "repulsion"

This work plays on the magnetic effect, which physical main's law is attraction/repulsion. In this installation, magnets allow doll's dress to moove, like "on/off" system in electricity's circuits. As a matter of fact, Japan is a country which is between modernity and tradition, games and economy in the daily meetings of an alienation normative... Finally, "Repulsion" is an allegory of the report maintained between the individual and the modern world society of spectacle...

photo: Marine FRANÇOIS

Simon DAMAMME "The Yokaï, Tengu and Noppera-Bo"

Being passionate about mythology, I think myths and legends are a reflection of the cultural society.
Thus, in the context of the exhibition at the cultural and information center of the Embassy of Japan, I intend to work on the Yokai. Those fantastic characters from Japanese folklore seem more related to everyday experience than their Western counterparts.
I think spirits and ghosts are associated with a familiar sensation that reappears unexpectedly in our lives.


photo: Simon DAMAMME